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Marie Curie ITN - Nucleosome structure and function across biological scales and time (Nucleosome4D)

  • Sprecher: Prof. Dr. Andreas Ladurner
  • Einrichtung: Adolf-Butenandt-Institut
  • Förderung: 2009 bis 2013

We investigate the nuclear processes that allow organisms to react and adapt to environmental changes. In particular, we are interested in the identification and analysis of novel mechanisms that dynamically regulate chromatin structure and transcription, with a keen focus on the role of cellular metabolites, DNA damage, signalling networks and mitochondrial function.

The research groups in our department study how aging, stresses such as DNA damage and animal behaviour condition gene activity and nuclear function. We perform our studies in model systems such as yeast, Drosophila and mammals. Our collaborative and interdisciplinary working style includes methods that range from structural biology and genomics to live-cell imaging and physiological approaches.

Quelle: Biomedical Center LMU, Physiological Chemistry (Text)