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Funded activities

The LMU-NYU Partnership is open to all disciplines and recognizes the different cultures and requirements across disciplines. Therefore, the concrete implementation of the initiatives is left to the scholars. However, projects falling under the broad remits below will be prioritized. Applications that demonstrate significant co-sponsorship by the applicant’s faculty or unit will be prioritized as well as applications for which the applicants have concrete plans for a follow-up funding initiative. Applications from junior scholars are strongly encouraged.

1. Research mobility for doctoral students and early career researchers

2. Workshops and Conferences

3. Seed Funding for Joint Projects

4. NYU Visiting Professor

Application deadlines and funding periods

Funding period: 1 June to 31 December 2023
Application deadline: 31 March 2023
Notification of results: 30 April 2023

Funding period: 1 January to 31 December 2024
Application deadline: 15 October 2023
Notification of results: 30 November 2023

More information is available here!