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United States-European Union Medical Education Exchange

Unfortunately, the 2022 exchange program was canceled.

This multinational medical student exchange program supports one student per year, from each of the consortium schools, for a four-week clinical training rotation at a partner institution across the Atlantic.

The focus is on the comparative analysis of health care delivery systems in the United States and Germany.

The student's task is to research and write a case study of the host country’s health care system using the patient as the focal point. The case study is designed to encourage thoughtful exchange of information and ideas about the health care systems in Europe and the United States.

Call for Applications

LMU students are encouraged to apply for the United States-European Union Medical Education Exchange (US-EU MEE) 2021 at the Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University, New York City.


"Understanding how different health care systems are organized and financed is rarely taught in medical school. In 1997, several U.S. and European medical schools formed an ongoing, innovative, and collaborative exchange program to enable their medical students to gain an insight into the dynamics of another country's health care system.
One student from each participating institution completes a month-long rotation at a host medical school under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Selected target diagnoses serve as the basis for comparative case studies. To enable the student to effectively study the host country's health care system, each is assigned a patient with the preselected specific diagnosis. The students view the patient's care within the context of the host country's delivery system rather than being limited to the clinical diagnosis and treatment of the disease.
Matching the student with a patient permits the student to see how medical care is delivered and financed in the host country. Each student is required to prepare a written report focusing on costs; organization and delivery of care; quality and outcomes of care; politics, culture, and ethics; and learning. The case studies permit comparisons of health care systems among the participating U.S. and European Union countries, as well as opportunities for institutional and individual learning."

Finkel, Madelon L. PhD; Fein, Oliver MD (2006): Teaching Medical Students about Different Health Care Systems: An International Exchange Program.

Program Representatives

at WCMC:

Madelon Finkel, PhD
Director of the Office of Global Health Education

Oliver Thomas Fein, M.D.
Professor of Clinical Medicine and Public Health Associate Dean (Affiliations)

at LMU:

Prof. Dr. med. Martin Fischer, MME (Bern)
Prof. Dr. med. Orsolya Genzel-Boroviczény
Prof. Dr. med. Dennis Nowak


receive a LMU Study Abroad Grant upon completion of the elective.


does not count toward "Famulatur" (practical clinical experience according to Annex 6, § 7 sub-section 4,  sentence 2 ÄAppO).


4 weeks during the period of end February to end March 2021. Elective assignment according to the WCMC elective catalog and dates.

Application requirements

The program addresses LMU medical students who have completed "MeCuM Module 23" by the beginning of the exchange.

Application procedure

Please apply online using the Application Service at

Documents to be submitted:

  • CV (in English)
  • Statement of Intent (in English)
  • most recent Transcript of Records (LSF Schein-/Notenliste Klinischer Studienabschnitt)


Unfortunately, the 2022 exchange program was canceled.

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