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The PhD program “Oral Sciences” is an interdisciplinary program promoting research activities in oral health related issues, especially suited for young scientists planning a career at a university or dental research centre. The program is open to students of any nationality with an appropriate background (medical degrees, life sciences), who share our interest and involvement in oral health related research.

At the Munich Dental School, students have a wide variety of research groups to choose from:

Dept. of Conservative Dentistry & Periodontology

Executive director: Prof. Dr. Reinhard Hickel
PhD representative: PD Dr. Jan Kühnisch

The Department of Conservative Dentistry offers several research opportunities. The leading expertise of our research groups can be seen in the areas of material research (composites, adhesives, polymerisation, etc.), clinical research (dental restorations, periodontology, endodontology, traumatology, paediatric dentistry), cariology (caries diagnostics, caries managements, etc.) and dental epidemiology.

Dept. of Prosthetic Dentistry

Executive director: Prof. Dr. Daniel Edelhoff
PhD representative: PD Dr. Jan-Frederik Güth

In recent years, the Department of Prosthodontic Dentistry has developed particular strength in CAD/CAM ceramic technology. Up-to-date research questions are related to the clinical and laboratory workflow, as well as the clinical performance of these restorations.

Dept. of Orthodontics

Executive director: Prof. Dr. Andrea Wichelhaus
PhD representative: Dr. Uwe Baumert

The main focus of orthodontic research is on biomechanics and mechanobiology. Both areas of interest are essential for the basic understanding of tooth movement during orthodontic treatment. Details can be found on the PhD program page of the Department of Orthodontics.

Dept. of Oral-Maxillo-Facial Surgery & Radiology

Executive director: Prof. Dr. Michael Ehrenfeld
PhD representative: Dr. Sven Otto

The main research topic during the last years was to scientifically describe the clinical problem of biphosphonate-related osteonecrosis of the jaw. Furthermore, the clinical management (diagnostics, prevention and treatment) and long-term success rates after treatment were aimed to determine within clinical investigations.

Dental Toxicology

Head: Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz-Xaver Reichl

The Dental Toxicology unit, which is part of the Walter-Straub-Institute for Pharmacology and Toxicology, is a worldwide unique institution. The major research topics are the evaluation of potential risks of dental materials, as well as the pre-clinical testing of new adhesives or composites. The laboratories are equipped with up-to-date methods for metabolic investigations and qualitative and quantitative analyses.

In case of any interest in one of these specialities in particular, you are welcome to contact or visit the respective department in advance. It is further recommended to identify personal areas of interest for your scientific work for the PhD program.

Please note: Given that the number of applicants exceeds the number of positions available, a record that satisfies the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission to the program. Preference for admission to the PhD program may be given to applicants who have already acquired some research experience. Therefore, it is recommended to submit a complete list of previously held scientific presentations or published manuscripts.

English Proficiency Requirements

The program language is English. Applicants who receive their qualifying degree from a country in which English is not the primary language, must present evidence of proficiency in English. One of the following tests of English proficiency is acceptable: TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge


The PhD program is free of charge. It should be noted that travel expenses, accommodation and costs for living have to be covered by each student him/herself (estimate of >1.500€ per month). It is recommended to apply for a scholarship, etc.

Program Course Requirements & Application

The deadline for application is January 31st every year. Upon this closing date, the selection board will evaluate all applications and notify the applicants about the decisions. Notifications will be delivered around June. The program starts in October at the dental school in Munich.

We also encourage you to visit the dental clinic at the LMU in advance.

Only online applications will be accepted - Please do not (e)mail your application to us! You can upload your complete application documents online, once the link to the Online Application Tool is activated.


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