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International Students

As an international student wanting to obtain a doctoral degree at the LMU's Medical Faculty, you need to follow these steps in the given order:

(1) Find a supervisor/project

Before coming to Munich, you should find a supervisor willing to take you into his/her lab. You should discuss which doctoral degrees are available to you and which one you will be aiming for (see our degree portfolio for more information on the options). This is a vital step! Without a supervisor and a project, you cannot become a doctoral student at our faculty!

(2) Have your qualifying degree checked for eligibility BEFORE signing a supervision agreement and commencing work on your project

Once you have determined where you will be able to work on a doctoral project and who your supervisor will be, you must have your qualifying degree(s) checked for eligibility by the Doctoral Office. If your qualifying degree does not make you eligible for a doctoral degree you cannot register for a doctoral degree.

For the eligibility check, the following documents must be submitted to the Doctoral Office (Promotionsbüro):

  • all acquired degree certificats (Bachelor, Master, Diploma...)
  • all transcripts of above mentioned certificates
  • your CV

Students from China, Mongolia and Vietnam must also submit a valid APS certificate, unless they are CSC-LMU  scholarship holders.

The Doctoral Office will check your documents for eligibility and let you know as soon as possible, whether you can carry out your research project here or not.

(3) Acceptance as a doctoral candidate (MD, Doctor of human biology, Doctor of Dentistry)

Once you have successfully completed steps (1) and (2), you can be accepted as a doctoral candidate by the faculty. In order to do so, you must submit the following documents to the Doctoral Office:

Project-related documents:

  • Supervision agreement, signed by your supervisor, your Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) and yourself
  • Project description (1 page)
  • Ethical clearance vote (if required)

General documents:

  • Declaration on previously passed or failed doctoral examinations
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Declaration of knowledge on known sanctions if false or incomplete data is submitted
  • Declaration on known criminal prosecutions
For more information and to download all required forms, please go to the respective degree.

(4) Enrolment

Most of the doctoral degrees do not require you to enroll as a doctoral student. However, there are benefits to being enrolled (semester ticket, health insurance…). In order to do so, you will need both your supervision agreement and a letter of acceptance (which will be issued by the Doctoral Office). Enrolment takes place at the LMU’s International Office.

All information on the enrolment process (which documents you need to bring, etc.) can be found on the respective website.

Please note: if you are interested in the Ph.D. in Medical Research (3-year structured Ph.D. program), please see the respective website!