Mock Lab

Multi-omics is evolving from a research tool to a cornerstone of modern precision oncology. Our research group aims to further develop and translate clinical insights from multidimensional tumor characterizations using bioinformatics and AI.

Multiomics for Precision Oncology

Data layers in clinical bioinformatics

Multimodal data layers in precision oncology | © Andreas Mock

Pathology has a key role in digitalizing healthcare. Due to recent advances in molecular diagnostics and the increasing digitalization of histological slides by far the most patient-related data will be generated in pathology.

Hence, pathology departments have to considered clinical data integration centers. To facilitate this development, we are keen to develop and strengthen the interdisciplinary field of clinical bioinformatics with the help of medical doctors trained in data science and informaticians with a strong clinical interest.

Most projects take place in national and international networks, e.g.

  • Harmonized annotation and interpretation of molecular alterations
  • Interactive clinical decision support tools for molecular tumor boards
  • Digital biobank of scanned histological slides
  • Development of a compute infrastructure for machine learning
  • Multi-modal data integration (multi-omics and image data)


Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Mock, M.Sc., M.Phil.
Dr. med. Oliver Buchstab, M.Sc.
Maximilian Knebel
Ada Pusztai

Selected publications

NCT/DKFZ MASTER handbook of interpreting whole-genome, transcriptome, and methylome data for precision oncology
Mock A*
, Teleanu MV*, Kreutzfeldt S, Heilig CE, Hüllein J, Möhrmann L, Jahn A, Hanf D, Kerle IA, Singh HM, Hutter B, Uhrig S, Fröhlich M, Neumann O, Hartig A, Brückmann S, Hirsch S, Grund K, Dikow N, Lipka DB, Renner M, Bhatti IA, Apostolidis L, Schlenk RF, Schaaf CP, Stenzinger A, Schröck E, Hübschmann D, Heining C, Horak P, Glimm H, Fröhling S.
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Transcriptome profiling for precision cancer medicine using shallow nanopore cDNA sequencing
Mock A, Braun M, Scholl C, Fröhling S, Erkut C.
Sci Rep. 2023 Feb 9;13(1):2378. doi: 10.1038/s41598-023-29550-8.

Comprehensive Genomic and Epigenomic Analysis in Cancer of Unknown Primary Guides Molecularly-Informed Therapies Despite Heterogeneity
Möhrmann L*, Werner M*, Oleś M*, Mock A*, Uhrig S, Jahn A, Kreutzfeldt S, Fröhlich M, Hutter B, Paramasivam N, Richter D, Beck K, Winter U, Pfütze K, Heilig CE, Teleanu V, Lipka DB, Zapatka M, Hanf D, List C, Allgäuer M, Penzel R, Rüter G, Jelas I, Hamacher R, Falkenhorst J, Wagner S, Brandts CH, Boerries M, Illert AL, Metzeler KH, Westphalen CB, Desuki A, Kindler T, Folprecht G, Weichert W, Brors B, Stenzinger A, Schröck E, Hübschmann D, Horak P, Heining C, Fröhling S, Glimm H.
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Comprehensive Genomic and Transcriptomic Analysis for Guiding Therapeutic Decisions in Patients with Rare Cancers
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Knowledge Bases and Software Support for Variant Interpretation in Precision Oncology
Borchert F*, Mock A*, Tomczak A, Hügel J, Alkarkoukly S, Knurr A, Volckmar AL, Stenzinger A, Schirmacher P, Debus J, Jäger D, Longerich T, Fröhling S, Eils R, Bougatf N, Sax U, Schapranow MP.
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Surfactant Expression Defines an Inflamed Subtype of Lung Adenocarcinoma Brain Metastases that Correlates with Prolonged Survival
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Clin Cancer Res. 2020 May 1;26(9):2231-2243. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-19-2184.