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BMBF-Netzwerk TB-Sequel: Begleiterkrankungen, Risikofaktoren und Langzeitkomplikationen, welche den individuellen Therapieerfolg der Tuberkuloseerkrankung sowie deren Auswirkung auf die öffentliche Gesundheit definieren

  • Koordinator: Prof. Dr. Gavin Churchyard, Südafrika
  • Deutscher Ansprechpartner: Prof. Dr. Michael Hoelscher
  • Einrichtung: Abteilung für Infektions- und Tropenmedizin
  • Beteiligte Länder: Tansania, Mozambique, Gambia, Südafrika
  • Förderung durch BMBF: 2016 bis 2021

The African continent today is emblematic of tuberculosis (TB) as a global health emergency with little known about the long-term sequelae. There is cumulative evidence for prolonged pulmonary morbidity and loss of longevity in former TB patients. It is likely that TB patients from resource-constrained settings, who usually present with more extensive disease, are left with substantial and chronic lung impairment.

This project aims:

  • to advance the understanding of the clinical, microbiologic, environmental and host immune factors affecting the long-term sequelae of pulmonary TB;
  • to determine occurrence of reversible and irreversible costs and socioeconomic consequences for TB patients and health care systems;
  • and to facilitate novel interventions to restore and preserve overall health, well-being and financial protection in patients with TB.

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